A Smashing New Year

We sure had a good year. Hoping for an action-packed 2015.
We sure had a good year. Hoping for an action-packed 2015.

2014 was quite the year: Interstellar came out! Everyone got buckets of ice water thrown over them! There was all that Assassin’s Creed business! Taylor Swift! It was quite the year for us at Play Motion Towers (note: not an actual tower…yet), too, with the launch of our first game! After nine months in development, Ironkill hit mobile app stores and we’re pleased with the results. But, as the saying goes, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not downward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards…wait, that’s not quite right.

Anyway, now that 2014 has come to a successful close, it’s time to not only celebrate our achievements (you’ve all played Ironkill, right, because it’s rad and available on both the Apple and Android store, but to look forward to what the next twelve months have in store for us. Over here at Play Motion, that means a lot of very exciting things.

For one thing, Ironkill’s only going to go from strength to strength. Things started off on a high, what with the game being featured in Apple’s best new games list within first week of launch, and we eventually racked up a very impressive average rating of 4.1 out of 5 on their App Store* and of 4.4 out of 5 on Android’s**. The game dropped with two generations of robots (that’s twelve in total) to play as, plus an extra Christmas special robot Frostbot, with 12 more to come in the New Year.

That’s not the only iron(kill) we have in the fire, though. No sir. We had a couple of game jams last year – for those not in the know, that’s a game gig where our developers raced to create a complete game in a limited time span, often with other constraints that force you to get creative – and they were a lot of fun! We might even develop some of those pilot demos into full titles. Watch this space…

Even sooner than that, our sister project Gamecubator Labs will be launching our first title later in January! Gamecubator is all about mobile gaming specifically, taking in a whole range of different genres than Play Motion have thus far. So, no giant robots, necessarily.

2014 saw Play Motion growing in all sorts of ways, including literally! Our small development team of three grew to the positively titanic number of thirteen, and we’ll be on the look out for even more fresh talent in 2015. You can keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page for any upcoming positions. And why wouldn’t you want to? We’re awesome.

Few of us who showed up at work on Dec 31st.
Few of us who showed up at work on Dec 31st.

To keep up with everything else we’ll be getting up to in the new year – for promotions, sneak peeks or just give us a feedback – you can keep checking this blog, or follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter!

We here at Play Motion Towers (nope, still not a tower, sadly) hope you all had as prosperous 2014, and wish you a sterling New Year too!

*Total of 353 reviews out of which 195 are 5 stars

** Total of 882 reviews out of which 504 are 5 stars


The World of Ironkill

“If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels around every country and the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire.” – Winston Churchill.


Ironkill’s world is set 100 years into the future after a massive asteroid struck Earth early in the 21st century with cataclysmic results. The old world was utterly changed by the impact of Very Large Asteroid 2020 GH616, nicknamed ‘the God hammer’. The resulting tidal waves, earthquakes and other natural disasters devastated whole nations, raging storms closed the skies to aircraft and the seas were rent by ocean-spanning whirlpools. In the aftermath three power blocs of survivors emerged from the ruins.


The Americas

The Americas power bloc comprises all of both South and North America. North America suffered particularly badly under the God hammer with much of the East coast inundated by giant Tsunamis and the West coast torn asunder by the failure of the San Andreas fault.

The Americas


African Union

Some parts of West Africa and most of Europe virtually ceased to exist when the God hammer struck. In the Central and Eastern parts of the continent the peoples forged a powerful empire out of the ruins. The African Union has weathered the aftermath of the God hammer better than most.

African Union


Greater Asia

Greater Asia arose from the remnants of countries along the Pacific Rim. Although they suffered greatly they were among the first to reorganize after the God hammer struck. Greater Asia is the most populace and technologically advanced power bloc in the world of Ironkill.

Asia Pacific Region

Written by Andy Chambers


Knockout: The five most lethal punches

Ever since Nintendo hit the ground running with boxing simulator Punch Out! video games have been all about letting your fists do the talking. Fists you control by punching buttons, yes, but fists nonetheless. In honour of this time honoured tradition of digital duffing up, we present to you five of the most devastating punches in gaming history (so far).


punch infographic-1

Did your favourite punch make our list? If not, tell us in the comments below. We may be working on a next list of lethal punches, already.

Five giant robots that prove size is everything

We’ve seen human-sized androids and miniature nanotech aplenty, but when it comes down to it, the thing we’re always going to be most impressed by with our mechanical friends are when they’re huge as skyscrapers. From Hollywood to Toho, here are five of the best giant robots.





You’re playing Titanfall, right? And if not, why the heck not? This Xbox (and PC) exclusive online multiplayer game features your traditional first person shooter mechanics, along with the ability to summon the titular Titans to leap into and cause some serious damage with. And boy, do we enjoy causing serious damage in a Titan.



pacific rim

Pacific Rim’s giant robots Jaegers defend humanity from the threat of massive, interdimensional Kaiju. Think giant robots punching Godzilla, essentially, piloted by two soldiers who have to be perfectly in sync to make all the epic scrapping possible (SPOILER ALERT they totally manage it).




Giant robots have their whole own genre in Japan, best exemplified by the never ending Gundam series that seem to be constantly getting released. Not that we’re complaining, because each redesign of the big metal suits is super cool.




You can’t swing a midochlorian without hitting a brilliant giant robot, but we’re gonna have to pick the AT-AT walkers from Star Wars as our favourites. If only because seeing them get tripped up and explode in the opening of the Empire Strikes Back is always fun.


The Megazord


Okay, so whilst there’s a lot of good giant robots around the world, it’s by combining the powers of Japan and the USA that we get the best one. Separate the Power Rangers are an impressive bunch, superpowered adolescents who each have their own robots. Combined to the powerful Megazord, however, they’re unstoppable – and stylish.


The 5 Coolest Robots In Videogames

Robots and videogames, a match made in heaven. At least we think so, and sure hope you do too – in fact we’d bet good money that you do, since there’s so many examples of awesome androids in games. They make good enemies (exploding in showers of sparks and bolts), sidekicks (with loads of cool gadgets) and player characters alike, and they’re always super cool to boot. Here are just five of our faves from across the years!


1) The titular hero of the Ratchet and Clank series and the star of his own spin-off game, Clank is so much more than a robotic sidekick. He has provided players with everything from a jetpack to a fully-fledge spaceship to a hulking rock ‘em sock ‘em boxing robot.

The titular hero of the Ratchet and Clank series – well, half of the titular heroes – and the star of his own spin-off game, Clank is so much more than a robotic sidekick.  Clank has provided players with everything from a jetpack to a fully-fledge spaceship to a hulking rock 'em sock 'em boxing robot.  Even if he does spend most of his time strapped to the back of his furry friend Ratchet.


2) What he lacks in aesthetics Josef makes up for with his inventiveness in Machinarium. He is the DIY punk automaton of adventure games, which for our money is more than enough to make him one of the coolest videogame robots.

Image Credit: Amanita design


3) This classic Capcom series of platformers feature not just one but dozens of the coolest robots we’ve ever seen in videogames – there’s the star of the show, Mega Man in his baby blue armour and arm that fires rockets. He picks up all his enemies powers as he goes on, which means he’s literally cooler than all the other supporting characters.



4) If there’s two things the internet loves, it’s robots and cats. This Final Fantasy VII party member brings to the two together in predictably awesome fashion. Even when it turns out that Cait Sith was nothing more than a spy for the bad guys, controlled like a puppet, it was hard to get mad at him. Just like you forgive a real kitty a multitude of sins, Cait was just too cute. Sorry, cool. Robot cats=cool.



5) Her immense charm, the wit and sense of humour, she’s gotta be something special, GlaDOS (that’s short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System), the nefarious robot AI that puts you through heck in the Portal games, we salute you. We’re not even joking. We’re being so sincere right now.




Just getting started

We want to create the best gaming experience on mobiles and tablets. – With this goal in mind we laid the foundations of Play Motion. Now three months, 10 team members, and hundreds of brainstorming sessions later, we are close to showing the world what will be our first game.

And it’s not just the game that we are building, it’s an entire world – a near-future world of warriors of carbon and steel. This is a world where supremacy is decided by brutal combat.

We are still dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and making sure we give you a fantastically well-designed and maddeningly fun game, ready to download.

We are eager to tell you more and we will. In fact, you can keep in touch via our social channels (We are on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) for our future updates. For now, here is a sneak peek of our favourite character from the game. (Yes, we are little biased towards him)


Sumoist Noodle - Play Motion


The future looks promising. We are excited. We have just begun our journey.